The Buddhist Chaplaincy

Buddhist Chaplaincy Training

A warm invitation is extended to all Buddhists interested in chaplaincy work within a wide variety of areas. The aim of these training groups is to explore and share experiences that help develop skills, competencies and capabilities in offering and providing spiritual and religious support. Complete beginners to chaplaincy are most welcome.

Intensive Introduction to Buddhist Chaplaincy

Course in 2017, London – Two weekends

10.00am until 6.00pm on 23rd 24th & 30th September and 1st of October 2017

Venue: Wellington Barracks, St. James Park, London

  • Session 1 – Spiritual assessment and intervention (9.2.1)
  • Session 2 – Religious assessment and intervention (9.2.2)
  • Session 3 – Practicing ethically (9.1.2)
  • Session 4 – Communication skills (9.1.3)
  • Session 5 – Team working (9.3.1)
  • Session 6 – Reflective practice (9.4.1)
  • Session 7 – Personal spiritual development (9.4.2)

Cost: The programme (including Buddhist Society membership) costs £300. The cost to those who are already members of the Buddhist Society is £260.

Refreshments are provided, please bring along vegetarian food to share for lunch. If you wish to attend one of these groups please apply to

The courses will cover material relevant to the accreditation of Buddhist Chaplains, including in-depth work on ‘the seven Qualities of a Friend’ – Mitta sutta (AN VII 35). The training themes are taken from the ‘Developing a Healthcare Chaplains’ Capabilities and Competencies’ document produced by South East Strategic Health authority. These themes are selected for their relevance to all areas of Buddhist Chaplaincy.

Application deadline for the course 3rd September 2017.

Please note: attendance at this programme does not guarantee endorsement as a chaplain, but the training may be used as part of an application for endorsement.