The Buddhist Chaplaincy

Buddhist Chaplaincy

  • Offer support to those engaged with Buddhist Chaplaincy
  • Promote good practice in faith-informed Buddhist Chaplaincy
  • Provide training and accreditation opportunities for Buddhist Chaplains

Kalyãna Mitra is a meeting place for individuals involved with the practice and development of Buddhist Chaplaincy across traditions and within a variety of contexts, including hospitals, hospices, police forces, fire services, schools, colleges, the Armed Forces etc.The spirit of Chaplaincy Support is founded upon the Buddhist teaching on Kalyãna Mitra, the 'good friend'.

When Ven. Ananda told the Buddha that he considered that half of the Noble Life depended upon friendship he is corrected as the Buddha says 'not half but the whole of the spiritual life should be based upon friendships and association with good friends'.

Buddhist Outreach

  • Identifying spiritual and pastoral needs across Buddhist communities
  • Encouraging greater community cohesion and social integration amongst diverse Buddhist communities in the UK
  • Establish effective communications across diverse traditions through chaplaincy meetings and annual conferences

The current focus of Kalyãna Mitra is to help better support practicing Buddhists who are committed to, or keen to be working for the benefit of others through the provision of pastoral care. Practically, Kalyãna Mitra is providing some training for those new to chaplaincy and routes towards accreditation are being explored and developed.

The ethos of a learning community is evolving with some interest in contributing towards research in the field of chaplaincy.Fundamentally, the key aims of Kalyãna Mitra are in supporting and encouraging the pursuit of chaplaincy and pastoral care, inspired or informed by Buddhist teachings and practices and operating within a multi-faith environment.